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Reception room in the Basque Country

Do you want to organize a family event, such as a birthday, a retirement, a communion or a cousinade in Saint Pée sur Nivelle?

Offer your guests a bucolic setting in a house anchored in its territory for 5 generations and its restaurant of traditional cuisine in the heart of the Basque countryside.

The Blankartegia room is the ideal place to meet with family or friends "as at home"

You can also enjoy our fully renovated rooms in a refined setting.

Do not hesitate to consult the hotel reception for any information or reservation.



The Blankartegia room is a reception room with a capacity of 120 people that can be equipped on request with tables, chairs, plates, cutlery.

It can be privatized with an independent entrance and reserved alone or with an adjoining shaded terrace, a garden with swings, a TV lounge, and a direct connection with the rod (sports room covered with Basque pelota).

For your personal events, you can for example organize a meal with caterer or call the restaurant "La Cidrerie", enjoy the terrace for aperitif and rent the outbuildings to allow children to play swings in the garden, watch TV in the living room or any other trinket activity in case of rain.

Rooms for 45 and 70 people can also be arranged and adapted to your desires and the needs of your event. By combining them, you can also have a modular reception capacity.

Do not hesitate to consult the hotel reception for any information or reservation.

Their history

The Blankartegia room is not just a reception room, it is a mythical place known by all the Basque families around. It lived its apogee in the 60’s where balls were organized every weekend making the happiness of the youth of the time. Of course, one dance leading to another ended in a happy marriage celebrated here. It also hosted the finals of the Basque pelota tournament where the best players came to challenge each other.

Enter the room and listen to what the walls have to tell you!

It is possible to put at your disposal our living room, formerly used by the family as a place of rest. Its fireplace evokes the vigils of the time and its south-facing terrace overlooking the meadow of sheep brings a lot of serenity.

Combined with our adjoining room, you can also have a modular reception capacity. 

This living room, adjoining the Blankartegia room, is now the TV lounge where children can gather for family meals.

Before that, it was the reception of the Hôtel du Trinquet. It was the heart of the hotel!

It was also the place where the Amatxi (grandmother in Basque) liked to pose while observing his descendants.

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